NEW: Aveda Hand Relief™ Night Renewal Serum

4852516Your hands are your livelihood—treat them right and give them a little nighttime TLC with Aveda Hand Relief™ Night Renewal Serum. This restorative nighttime treatment serum improves the texture and tone of your hands while you sleep. A powerful blend of molasses and licorice extracts visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots evening skin tone over time, while a hydrating plant blend plumps and volumizes to help smooth fine lines. Plus, with a fresh citrus aroma featuring organic orange, lavandin and eucalyptus, your hands will smell fantastic, in addition to being smooth and silky.For best results, massage onto clean hands nightly, and follow with Aveda Hand Relief™ Moisturizing Creme. On shelves soon…
For October, Aveda celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a limited-edition Hand Relief featuring the Shampure aroma! $4 of the purchase price of Limited Edition hand relief™ by Aveda goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Keeping Your Body Hydrated Inside & Out for Healthy Skin

Keeping your body hydrated (inside & out) can dramatically improve the health of your skin. Water is our bodies’ main chemical component and comprises 60 – 70% of our body weight.

Our Tourmaline™ Gem Facial is a great treatment to help rehydrate your skin by locking in 1000x the weight of water. This is our hands on alternative to mico-dermabrasion, without the irritation and inflammation. A decadent treatment of tourmaline gems and botanicals; this facial has proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, decrease pore size, smooth your skin’s texture, and significantly increase your natural radiance. 50 min. Book directly from our website.

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NEW: Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight

It’s here! Just in time to help battle the summer frizzies is Aveda‘s newest addition to our Smooth Infusion line.

Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight progressively loosens curls with every use so your hair becomes straighter morning after morning, and stays that way day after day. As you straighten your hair, the lightweight creme’s unique plant fibers attach to the hair and hold your straight style in place, while a humidity barrier of organic tapioca starch, organic aloe, and maize fend off frizz in the most humid environments. The more you use it, the easier it is to create your straight look, allowing you to spend less time styling each day.

Get all your questions answered here.> Smooth Infusion™ Naturally Straight Demo Q&A

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Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ – Steven Alan SS...
Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ – Steven Alan SS14 NYFW – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring Summer 2014 – #MBFW #NYFW – September 10, 2013 – Creative Commons (cc) photos distributed by Mainstream via Aveda Corporation (Photo credit: goMainstream)

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Certified 100% Organic Aveda Comforting Tea

Aveda Comforting TeaWellness Tip Of The Day: Drink Certified 100% Organic Aveda Comforting Tea. Ease occasional indigestion by sipping a cup after your meal. The peppermint improves the flow of bile, which moves food through the digestive tract more quickly.

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Beautiful Skin Starts With Healthy Eating

Tip Of The Day: Eating the right foods in combination with the right cleansers, toners, & moisturizers can deliver optimal skin care results. Learn about the health benefits associated with these fruits & then visit our boutique to learn what skin care routine is right for you.

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Keeping Your Body Hydrated For Healthy Skin

Tip Of The Day: Keeping your body hydrated (inside & out) can dramatically improve the health of your skin. Water is our bodies’ main chemical component and comprises 60 – 70% of our body weight. Our Tourmaline™ Gem Facial is a great treatment to help rehydrate your skin by locking in 1000x the weight of water. This facial will leave your skin with a smoother texture, decreased pore size and significantly more radiance – all without irritation and inflammation.
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Planning a trip to Hawaii?

Planning a trip to Hawaii? Check out Serenity Spa Boutique. We have all your beauty needs covered from hair and skin care to relax at home spa products. Let our knowledgeable beauty experts find the best products for you. Open 9am-9pm daily in the lobby of the Outrigger Reef on the Beach. Free validated parking while you shop with us. (808) 924-6054.


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Aveda, Culture Clash Collection P/E 2014 - Preview

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Limited-Edition Spring/Summer 2014 Makeup Collection. A world of color in one harmonious palette. Now available at Serenity Spa Boutique.


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Aveda Buriti Oil From the Tree of Life

new dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oilNew dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oil instantly moisturizes hair by 41%** leaveing hair soft and full of shine. Formulated without silicone, so it takes only a few drops to moisturize hair.

dry remedy™ kit

Try the whole line. NEW FORMULA. NEW AROMA. NEW LOOK.

Deep within Brazil, the people of Piaui say “where there is buriti, there is water” because the tree grows along rivers. The oil from the fruit is so moisturizing that it drew us into a new partnership with Beraca, a Brazilian company that shares our mission to care for the world we live in. Dedicated to improving lives in communities where they find ingredients, Beraca purchases buriti oil from local cooperatives, providing income to many families—so they can keep their way of life. Source: Aveda

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Sleeping On Clean Sheets Is Critical For Healthy Skin

Tip Of The Day: Sleeping on clean sheets is critical for healthy skin. Each hour of sleep leaves 1.5 million clusters of dead skin cells on your sheets. This can result in skin irritation & clogged pores, which can lead to break outs, and then scaring & blemishes.

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