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Raw Honey Garlic Lemon Shots: A Simple Recipe To Supercharge Your Immune System

Supercharge your immune system with honey, garlic and lemon.

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Raw Honey Garlic Lemon Shots: A Simple Recipe To Supercharge Your Immune System


Directions: Cut a lemon in halves. Squeeze all the lemon juice out of one half and place in a small bowl. Keep the half you extracted the juice from for the last Step (store the other half for later use). Chop the garlic and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Then add it to the lemon juice with the cayenne pepper. Add the honey to the mix and stir all ingredients well. Pour the entire mixture back into the lemon half (which you extracted the juice from)

Consume the finished product in its entirety including all the lemon pulp. Hold it in your hand and cup it as if you’re…

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12 Interesting Facts About Independence Day

We wish you a happy and safe 4th of July!

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English: This is a high-resolution image of th... English: This is a high-resolution image of the United States Declaration of Independence (article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Fourth of July! Happy birthday to the United States of America! We all know why we celebrate this day, but here are some other interesting facts about the 4th we should all know.

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The Best Fruits & Veggies for Summer Grilling

The Best Fruits & Veggies for 4th of July Grilling.

Keitochan Says:

Did you know grillingfruits and vegetables like eggplant, brussels sprouts, and even fruits such as watermelon and peaches give a flavorful twist to summer grilling?


Cut into 1 inch slices, brush both sides with your favorite oil and grill.

Fruit and Veggie Steaks

Slice fruits and veggies like pineapple, eggplant or zucchini into thick slices, brush with oil and grill


Brush whole kale leaves with oil and grill both sides till crispy.

Portobello Mushrooms

Bush with oil and grill them gill-side down for 3-4 minutes, and then flip and cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Brussels Sprouts

Parboil in salt water, season and grill in grilling basket.

Peaches and Plums

Cut in half and pit, brush with oil and grill skin side down then flip till cooked.

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Berry Calming Tea Smoothie

Aveda Comforting Tea
Care for the Earth as you care for yourself: our blend is 100% certified organic, and its soothing herbal infusion—naturally sweet, with licorice root and peppermint—steeps you in calm. (No caffeine, sugar or added flavors; drink hot or iced.)

This Berry Calming Tea Smoothie recipe combines low-fat milk, berries, banana and Aveda Comforting tea into one quick, soothing, and healthy smoothie. âśż Prep Time: 2 minutes âśż Cook Time: 2 minutes âśż Total Time: 4 minutes âśż Yield: Two cups


  • 1/2 cup low-fat milk (I like it best with plain soy)
  • 1/2 cup berries (strawberries, blueberries, mixed berries or other berries)
  • 1 peeled, banana (preferably a very ripe banana)
  • 5 Aveda Comforting Tea ice cubes

Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

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Fun Fact About Donuts

Today, June 6, 2014 is National Donut Day: Dutch settlers who brought apple and cream pies, cookies and cobbler to the United States also introduced doughnuts. The doughnuts were called olykoeks, or oily cakes – sweet dough balls fried in pork fat. Early doughnuts were often filled with apples, prunes or raisins. The name “doughnut” may refer to the nuts put in the middle of the dough ball to prevent an uncooked center or possibly to “dough knots” – another popular shape for the olykoeks. Today, “doughnut” and “donut” are used interchangeably.

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Keeping Your Body Hydrated Inside & Out for Healthy Skin

Keeping your body hydrated (inside & out) can dramatically improve the health of your skin. Water is our bodies’ main chemical component and comprises 60 – 70% of our body weight.

Our Tourmaline™ Gem Facial is a great treatment to help rehydrate your skin by locking in 1000x the weight of water. This is our hands on alternative to mico-dermabrasion, without the irritation and inflammation. A decadent treatment of tourmaline gems and botanicals; this facial has proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, decrease pore size, smooth your skin’s texture, and significantly increase your natural radiance. 50 min. Book directly from our website.

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Maya Angelou’s Banana Pudding

Author, poet, and teacher Maya Angelou passed away today at the age of 86, leaving behind a wide and varied body of work that included autobiographies, essays, poems, screenplays… and lots of choice quotes.

20 Inspiring Quotes By Performer, Poet, Activist, Memoirist &

Teacher, Maya Angelou

English: Maya Angelou reciting her poem, "...

“Eating is so intimate. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life.” ~ Maya Angelou

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Keitochan Says:

“I’m just someone who likes cooking and for whom sharing food is a form of expression.” ~ Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou's Banana Pudding Photo?Source: Tina Rupp,

Maya Angelou Maya Angelou (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Preheat oven to 350°F. In a large saucepan, combine 1/3 cup sugar, cornstarch and salt; stir until blended. Mix in milk. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until thickened and boiling. Boil 1 minute, then remove from heat. Get the full directions over at

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NEW: Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight

It’s here! Just in time to help battle the summer frizzies is Aveda‘s newest addition to our Smooth Infusion line.

Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight progressively loosens curls with every use so your hair becomes straighter morning after morning, and stays that way day after day. As you straighten your hair, the lightweight creme’s unique plant fibers attach to the hair and hold your straight style in place, while a humidity barrier of organic tapioca starch, organic aloe, and maize fend off frizz in the most humid environments. The more you use it, the easier it is to create your straight look, allowing you to spend less time styling each day.

Get all your questions answered here.> Smooth Infusion™ Naturally Straight Demo Q&A

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Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ – Steven Alan SS...
Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ – Steven Alan SS14 NYFW – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring Summer 2014 – #MBFW #NYFW – September 10, 2013 – Creative Commons (cc) photos distributed by Mainstream via Aveda Corporation (Photo credit: goMainstream)

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Beat Jet Lag: 7 Tips That work

Did you know, certain spa treatments such as massage & certain Ayurvedic treatments can actually help with jetlag? If you’re traveling this summer, you’re going to want to read this!

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How to Cope With Jet Lag

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