Furoshiki Gift Wrapping – Japanese Style

Learning Furoshiki (Basic wrap)

Furoshiki is a beautiful and environmentally conscious way of wrapping gifts for the holidays.


Place the cloth on an even, flat surface in the diamond shape.


Place an item in the center of the cloth.


Fold the top point over the item, Tucking it underneath that item. Fold the bottom point over the item. Note: The bottom point will be loose.


Bring the side points together over the center of the item, and tie them in a knot.

Photo Credit: furoshiki.com

Keitochan Says:


Furoshiki is an eco-friendly cloth wrapping, originating from the Japan. While it promotes caring for the environment and reducing waste, its a fun, creative way to gift wrap, grocery shopping or simply as decor. The technique is similar to origami; there is a wide variety of wrap styles to choose from.

Why furoshiki? It is reusable and multipurpose. Each year billions of plastic bags end up as litter;reusable bags, such as furoshiki can help reduce the impact to our environment. Its versatility allows you to wrap almost anything regardless of its shape or size. Source: japanesestyle.com


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Photo Credit: japanesestyle.com, wellsphere.com

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